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Foam Extinguishers

Wet Chemical ExtinguisherIdeal for multi-risk situation, free-burning materials such as wood and paper as well as flammable liquids can

arrow   High grade brass head assembly ensures reliability and
      optimises efficiency
arrow   Coated steel levers built to withstand the hardest knocks
arrow   15 bar working pressure for maximum fire fighting
      performance gives greater application reach, helping to
      ensure user safety
arrow   Long drawn high grade steel body shell for optimum strength
arrow   Polyester external coating adds extra protection to withstand       extreme temperatures, dirty environments and UV degradation
arrow   Polyethylene internal lining safeguards against corrosion
arrow   Precision built mechanical pressure gauge provides a very accurate indication of extinguisher's pressure status
arrow   High quality application hose with plated brass ferrules*
arrow   Robust protective plastic skirt*

*Excludes 2ltr model.

All Advanced Fire Protection wet chemical extinguishers are guaranteed against fair wear & tear, for 5 years.

Here's a quick video about using foam extinguishers....